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I met him late, one cool Autumn night,

The pale glow of the waning moon brushed his figure in a gentle light.

He set his eyes upon mine with a grave and careful grin,

His ghostly expression led me to recall my each and every sin.

His eyes were a delicate tone of light and...

There's a ghost in my bed 

And a  buzzing in my head

And a tremble in my hands

My vision starts to dance

I cannot find the floor

Though I fear the opened door

I cannot shrink and hide

From the things I hear outside

Because my lights are on 

And the sky bleeds into dawn


Though each production here at Archbishop Carroll goes above and beyond in achieving extraordinary levels of both realism and fun, this year’s fall production of Once On This Island is set to stun audiences with performances unlike any seen before. Written by Tony Awar...


The birth of a star

A new light in the sky

Hurtling forward

Through space and time

A raging flame in the night

Born of passion and delight

A furious star

Raising heavens in the dark


Deep therein the woods must lie,
A sort of creature of a different kind.
It sleeps a...

The door that never closes,

It's waiting for you to run.

Sat in a room with roses,

Which seems a lot of fun.

Maybe you just don't see,

How stuck you really are.

But why would you need a key,

For a door that remains ajar.

But the door is not the danger,

Not as far as you know.


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