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Valentine's Day. Most either love it or hate it. However, regardless of one's stance, it is undeniably a holiday rich in historical mystery. We know very little about Saint Valentine, possibly because the Catholic Church recognizes three separate Saint Valentine's, all of whom were martyred, and the lines between them are very murky. 

One possible legend is that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in...

In the Catholic faith, Genesis is known as the story of Creation. However, at Archbishop Carroll Genesis is also the name of something else. It is the name of a prayer service of sorts held in our chapel. Students from all grades are welcome to come participate in this special and unique event.

Genesis is held every other Tuesday in Carroll’s beautiful chapel. The specifics of what happens during Genesis varies but typically i...

February 1, 2018

Lily's Hope is a non-profit organization started by a young couple who have
experienced, first hand, the difficulties of caring for a “preemie” and trying to handle
family responsibilities and increased financial burdens. Preemies require special
care and, often for very long periods of time. When parents of a preemie also have
other young children to care for, life can become very complicated. In some cases,
money is a real p...

Everyone has heard about the devastating hurricanes that have hit our nation. Hurricane Harvey was first, then Irma. These disasters have left tragedy and ruin in their wake. Neighborhoods, homes, and lives have been destroyed. The people living in these areas have lost everything and are without basic necessities. As the new school year approached, Mary Clare Boyle, a student at Archbishop Carroll, read in an article that sch...

October 3, 2017

This past summer, 24 members of the Archbishop Carroll community traveled to Harlan, Kentucky on a service trip to help those less fortunate. The students were upcoming seniors and juniors, and the faculty included Mr. Gennaro, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Bourgeois, and Father Speziale. This special group of people referred to themselves as ‘Harlan 1,’ as this was Archbishop Carroll’s first service traveling to Harlan, Kentucky. Signing...

September 23, 2017

The Archbishop John Carroll High School Community kicked off the 2017-2018 academic year with a reminder of our faith-based values. On Friday, September 22, Archbishop Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Philadelphia, offered Mass. This marked the beginning of the 50th anniversary celebrations that will continue throughout this year. This visit to campus was the first by His Excellency since his installment as Archbishop in 2012. Th...

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