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I met him late, one cool Autumn night,

The pale glow of the waning moon brushed his figure in a gentle light.

He set his eyes upon mine with a grave and careful grin,

His ghostly expression led me to recall my each and every sin.

His eyes were a delicate tone of light and earnest gray,

His lips, a ghoulish blue, held the prayers he dare not say.

He crossed towards me at an even and measured pace,

He moved with an air of caution, and...

There is not a more majestic moment than when sunlight graces the red and white striped awning of Rita’s Water Ice signalling the entrance of spring. Just as everyone in the area was doing, I too was flocking to the entrance of this water ice kingdom. My short hair swinging and tiny body hurtling towards my desired destination as I dragged my mother behind me. It was one of the many traditions held in my youth, that after scho...

There's a ghost in my bed 

And a  buzzing in my head

And a tremble in my hands

My vision starts to dance

I cannot find the floor

Though I fear the opened door

I cannot shrink and hide

From the things I hear outside

Because my lights are on 

And the sky bleeds into dawn

Sending the moon to race away

Following the moon's devilish display

The Temptation: scene adapted from François-André Vincent’s painting, Arria and Paetus, 1784

(PAETUS is sitting down in an old, wooden chair. His wife ARRIA walks in with her one hand hidden behind her back inconspicuously. The stage lights are dimmed on the two.)

ARRIA: You know, the town has been very chaotic today. I've been hearing things...rumors--rumors dealing with you, Paetus. You have a voice, you have a mind and a hea...

The door that never closes,

It's waiting for you to run.

Sat in a room with roses,

Which seems a lot of fun.

Maybe you just don't see,

How stuck you really are.

But why would you need a key,

For a door that remains ajar.

But the door is not the danger,

Not as far as you know.

The danger that really is,

The door will never close.

(Our first official Origins submission this fall!)

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